DOCH Mission Statement

The igaming industry began in circa 1994. Today, competition between gambling brands is fierce. Taxes and regulatory frameworks, have increased costs. But, that’s no excuse to use unethical actions to steal players or commissions, from igaming affiliates. ethical fairness for igaming affiliate programs

DOCH acknowledges not all igaming programs are intent on robbing their affiliates blind. However, the online gambling industry was forged on close-knitted-ties. Those alliances are still present. There are those within affiliate ranks and the igaming industry, who, attempt to sweep truths under the carpet. All in an effort to protect their alliances and money interests.

DOCH represents these core values: truth; justice; integrity; honesty; and ethical fairness. We will always stand steadfast, embracing our moral virtues, in support of fair-treatment of all igaming affiliates. We will never accepted affiliate program sponsorship money on this web site. To do so, would create a direct conflict of interest. My dedicated vision is focused solely with, and for, the benefit of our igaming affiliate members, in respect to their business welfare.

Black Banning – It’s Your Choice

Sometimes we may blacklist affiliate programs. However, we also understand people’s livelihoods are at stake here. Therefore, we will always provide warnings about unethical igaming programs. But, we will never expect, nor demand members, to comply with black banning on their affiliate portals. That decision, is entirely up to each member.

We strongly advocate, and support responsible igaming practices in this industry. Likewise, we will engage in honest and professional communications. DOCH will always attempt through education, to resolve issues in a positive manner with wayward affiliate programs. It’s not about gaining an unfair advantage. Instead, it’s embracing a framework structured on ethical fairness, for all.

Supporting iGaming Affiliates Ethical Rights

Although we’d prefer it never deteriorated to this stage, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there will be gambling affiliate programs who simply refuse to budge. In these cases, the gloves are off. DOCH will not hesitate to issue public Press Releases, official reports to ethical industry bodies, and Governing licensing jurisdictions (if their stealing from affiliates, they maybe involved in other dubious actions). Just an example of a few of options at our disposal.