DOCH – iGaming Affiliate Forum

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However, the DOCH affiliate forum is currently under developed. We expect it to be operational by the mid March 2020. Due the current COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve decided to push the forum opening back to a later date. At this point we’re unable to provide an exact day. However, it’s expected to be some time in July 2020.  We look forward to welcoming you, and receiving your participation as a valued DOCH community member.

Granted, the forum addition has been long overdue. However, I expect the DOCH forum to be operational within a few days time: 15’th April 2021. One of the reason for the long delay was, finding a suitable country to host the forum. In such instances where, information is posted about unethical affiliate programs, one needs to ensure the site, is hosted in a region, where, free speech is valued. To ensure this takes place, I have decided to use total separate domain-name. This keep DOCH.NEWS completely separated from the forum.

The igaming affiliate forum URL: Opens: 15’th April 2021. FYI…Iceland has very liberated freedom of speech laws.

This is a good time to point out, DOCH forum’s sole objectives. It’s a community giving individual igaming affiliates a voice. Where, you can post and discuss affiliate program issues, with other igaming industry peers.

We are not establishing this forum to compete, or otherwise, encroach on the vast resources and information available at other igaming affiliate forums. Hence DOCH Forum wont, for example, have these forum topics:

  • Affiliate site reviews and suggestions.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) guides.
  • WordPress help and plugin suggestions.

The sole objectives of both the DOCH website and its forum, is to address igaming affiliate industry issues, such as:

  • Encouraging ethical fair treatment for all igaming affiliates.
  • Educating affiliate programs on a fairness for all, framework.
  • Publicly appose and expose, unethical igaming affiliate programs.
  • Provide knowledge to igaming affiliates, to better equip themselves in this industry.
  • Mediation for (forum members only), who are experiencing issues with an affiliate program.

Reiterating, we look forward to welcoming you as truly valued member, when, the DOCH Forum is open.