iGaming Affiliates Knowledge is Power

Being an igaming affiliate is both exciting and lucrative. However, if your a gambling industry newbie, there are pitfalls. For example, educating yourself about dodgy affiliate programs, will stop you being scammed. Like any new business, researching your intended market is a smart move.igaming affiliates knowledge 101

A simple Google search such as: “program’s name affiliate warnings” or “casino name and player warnings”, is a source of good knowledge. But I’m an affiliate, not a player. True. However, if an igaming venue is cheating players, you can bet they’re probably shaving affiliates too.

Remember, any affiliate program you partner with, holds all the ‘Aces’. Meaning, if an igaming program cook-the-books with bogus statistical gamblers data, there’s nothing you can do about it. Your giving them 100% trust, not to shaft you. This is why every partner, should research every igaming affiliate program, before joining them.

A prime example is partners.videoslots.com. A 40% commission deal, ends up barely amounting to 5.9% paid. Seems igaming affiliates who partner with VideoSlots.com, are paying for every single operational expense. Which may also include, their lavish-parties and conferences too.

Succeed With Smart iGaming Choices

Reiterating, igaming affiliate knowledge is power. It allows you to make educated decisions based on facts, your own perceptions, or opinions from other igaming peers. Apart from using search engines to garnish valuable insight, you can also join online affiliate communities. While these forums usually provide great resources; especially for newbie igaming affiliates, most, if not all, receive sponsorship money.

affiliate forum sponsorship money holds the forum or organisation host hostage. Then, the forum owners and admin serve their master, rather than stepping up and defending the affiliates they’ve sworn to protect.

DOCH does not accept money from affiliate program sponsorship. To do so, would place this entire site, our core objectives, including our igaming affiliate forum, into a conflict of interest. We genuinely place our members business welfare first and foremost.

Staying steadfast to the DOCH mission statement and our overall site mandate, the forum’s sole purpose is to give igaming affiliates a voice. Peers can share their experiences about igaming affiliate programs. This priceless information, allows everyone to make educated choices. With this vital feedback, DOCH is then positioned to address igaming affiliate programs who, are operating unethically.