iGaming Affiliates Rights to Fair Treatment

For far too long, igaming affiliates have been at the mercy of the programs with whom they “partner”. Many programs operate in an unethical manner. Often resorting to the use of fraudulent calculations (cooking the books), in an effort to shave legitimate commissions from their loyal affiliates.ethical fairness for all igaming affiliates Sadly, 100% transparency is often voided. Of the referred player data provided to igaming affiliates, itemised fees and deductions from gross gaming revenue, is usually excluded. Partners can only hope, the affiliate program is honest, and not robbing them blind.

I’m AussieDave – the outspoken casino affiliate. I don’t mince my words with unethical partner programs. In all these years (circa 2000) I’ve never sold out. My integrity is not for sale. Hence, DOCH will never accept affiliate program sponsorship’s. Doing so, is a conflict of interest.

Aside from being a casino affiliate (all these years), I also operated a self-funded, player and affiliate watchdog site: Dodgy Online Casino History, from 2010 – 2019. It reported on crooked and dodgy dealings, within the online gambling industry. That site is now retired.

However, for posterity, and to ensure gambling affiliate programs and or their online casinos who, in the past, have committed unethical acts against their affiliates, and or casino players, I have a live-backup of the old site, here: Old-Site Dodgy Online Casino History.

The old catch-cry was: Keeping the Bastards Honest. Maybe with this historical data, now live. It will continue to do just that.

Most iGaming Affiliate Programs Shave

I know how it feels to have my commissions stolen. To date, a sum close to US$2 million dollars has been shaved or stolen from me, by unscrupulous casino affiliate programs. As the saying goes: ‘There’s more than one way to skin a cat‘. Personally, if it’s not Kosher, and it’s garnishing money which doesn’t rightfully belong to the affiliate program et al, then lets call it what it truly is…fraud and theft!

Affiliates (such as myself) caught in similar circumstances, have next to no recourse when, an igaming affiliate program steals their commissions. Sure, we can post warnings to gambling affiliate forums. However, more often than not, member’s welfare takes a back seat to paid sponsors money. The sad, sober truth is, affiliate forum sponsorship money holds the forum or organisation host hostage. Then, the forum owners and admin serve their master, rather than stepping up and defending the affiliates they’ve sworn to protect.

Don’t be fooled by programs who claim partners aren’t an important source of referred players. If that was true, conferences would be filled with empty booths. Affiliates supply approximately 85-97% of gambling customers. Clearly, the number one traffic source for casinos, sports books, poker rooms, and online bingo halls are igaming affiliates. Ironically, you’d think programs would treat their partners with care and respect. Instead, many choose to treat their affiliate partners with contempt, by unfairly robbing them blind.

EG – Bonus credits are not cash. A bonus only becomes cash, when, the wagering requirement is fulfilled. Yet, some igaming affiliate programs are treating bonus credits as cash. They deduct this monopoly money as a cash-loss from GGR (gross gaming revenue). How much of your NGR (net gaming revenue) commissions are being shaved, by igaming programs using these bogus GGR deductions?

Unethical igaming affiliate programs often renege on the promise of “lifetime revenue for the longevity of players referred”, by retroactively reducing commission percentages, setting player quotas, and inserting phantom fees after the fact. They do this under the guise of an updated set of T&C’s. Some even close the affiliate program, only to immediately commence under a new company name. Thus gaining a dodgy-loophole to retroactively enact a new set of contractual T&C’s. Either way, the updated terms and conditions must usually be accepted and agreed to, in order to continue partnering with the affiliate program. Refuse to agree to the new contractual T&C’s, and usually your agreement is terminated. Along with them stealing referred players & garnishing future commissions.

Are these retroactively changed terms even legal? At a guess, no!

Taking legal action against a dodgy affiliate program, is akin to unravelling a ball of knotted string. While the program is usually owned by the venue’s owner, shelf companies, straw-men, tax havens, trust accounts etc., etc., all are used to hide the true ownership details. Finding this proof can be an expensive mission. That’s before court papers are even issued. Unless an affiliate has very deep pockets, cases rarely seen the light of a court-room. However, with more licensing jurisdictions supported by their Governing Country’s law, indirect doors are now open. These new channels may help igaming affiliates force accountability. And, establish fair business dealings for all igaming partners.

Can iGaming Affiliates Force Changes?

If nothing changes – nothing changes.

To coin another phrase: ‘Monkey see Monkey do’. That certainly fits with the introduction of these absurd Admin Fees, being deducted by most programs, these days. If “Admin Fees” were a valid GGR deduction, then all programs would use them. But they don’t. Hence, these “Admin Fees” are another fabricated excuse, to pilfer affiliate commissions. Reiterating that phrase: “Monkey see Monkey do”. When a program scams affiliates with bogus deductions, others think they can do it too. So, more and more programs include these fake “Admin Fees”. Just because a GGR deduction is used, doesn’t mean it’s legitimate.

With so many igaming programs cheating their affiliates, DOCH is here to oppose and expose these unethical acts. There are no membership fees: DOCH is 100% free of charge. Our promises are simply. We fight for your rights to ethical fairness and transparency, from all igaming affiliate programs. Our members business welfare is our number one priority. If your against having your commissions stolen, tagged players shaved, and feel as strongly about your rights to fair treatment, as I do, then please consider joining-us.